Friday, April 10, 2009

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Easter is the most joyous of all Christian holidays.

It is the foundation of the Christian faith. Without Easter and the Resurrection there would be no Christianity.

The message of Easter is a message of celebration; a celebration of the ultimate triumph of hope and love.

In a weary world, battered by hate, war, greed, dwindling resources, starvation, hopelessness, violence and evil, the message of Easter shines like a lighthouse above a dark and treacherous shore

Open eyes and hearts and see and hear the true message of Easter. For the message of Easter brings the broader message of hope; of love conquering evil; and of life conquering death. The message of Easter is one of light victorious over darkness; of hope triumphing over hopelessness; of love conquering hate; and of faith reigning supreme over fear. It is the single most hopeful message to all mankind that ultimately right will prevail over wrong.

The message of Easter gives all of us a promise that life trumps death; good trumps evil; light trumps darkness; and that love trumps hate. Who among us wishes that death will ultimately prevail? Or that darkness will be victorious over light? Would any good person hope that hate will ultimately triumph over love?

This Easter, let all be reminded that the message of Easter and the Resurrection is a universal message of life, hope, light, love, and faith. A message that will touch every good human heart.

And let us all remember that without hope there can be no love; and without love we are nothing.

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