Monday, April 20, 2009

.: Snatch Thieves :.

Snatch thieves incidents are really so rampant these days.

I too, was a victim of snatch thieves, twice. Once when I was walking on the way back from BM tuition. Nothing was missing except for my precious Mrs. Lim hand written biology notes (we start to write whatever came out of Mrs. Lim mouth - whether it made any sense or not, as fast as we could and as much as we could) which, for those who took bio with me knows, was our bible to the subject. Took me about 2 mths to reconstruct these notes. The second time was my 1st day of college at the bus stop opposite my house. Nothing was missing except for a few dollars in my wallet, a photocopy of my IC (thanks to some divine intervention that that morning itself, I just took out my actual IC and brought along my photocopied IC), and an absolutely ancient hp (which was handed down from my dad). Thank God that in all these incidents, I was not harmed in any way (except being a lil traumatised over the drumming of motorbikes whenever I am walking).

Yesterday, while on the way to the library after lunch at Seksyen 17, we witness an attempted snatch thief incident.

Just in front of us, was two motorbikes. The first motorbike was nearing the second motorbike, and the passenger from the first motorbike waved his hands our and started to tap the shoulder of the passenger in the second motorbike. My first thought was that these two motorbikers was trying to greet each other. Seconds later, the second motorbike started to swerve to the left, and then fall and landed on the grass area in front of a house. JC stopped his car and we saw an elderly Indian couple down on the ground. I came out of the car and helped the motorbike up (as it the biker and his wife was flatten by it). I asked if the lady was ok, as her hands and legs was bleeding. I took out some tissue and gave them to her as she wiped of the blood from her hand.

Meantime, I asked JC to lock his car, coz his car engine was still running and it was dangerous to leave it so. Do not want to deal with a car hijacking incident.

I held the aunty so she could sit on the bench outside the house. JC checked on the uncle, but he seems unhurt. He started hugging his wife and spoke to comfort her in Tamil. The wife, in pain, explained to us that they were on the way back from church. The motorbikers was trying to snatch her handbag and either she pushed them or they pushed her, it caused their motorbike to went out of control. Two passerby motorbikes stop by (both Indians) and started to speak in Tamil. They thought that we knocked her down and in a harsh tone, demanded that we should send her to the hospital. The lady explained the whole situation to them, and later on , in a nicer tone, they request that we send them back (which we have already volunteered to anyway before they came).

Anyways, we send her back to her place in Pelangi Damansara in our car, while the uncle rode his motorbike. While in the car, the lady told us that this is the first time in her life that such an incident happened to her. We told her that she was lucky and advise her to be more careful next time, especially not to carry her handbag on her shoulder while riding the motorbike. She explained that it wasn’t her custom to do so, as she will usually put it in the front basket, but so happened that she went to the market after church and there was some grocery in the front basket already.

When we drop her off at a clinic outside her house, she and her husband was extremely grateful to us. Kept on saying "God bless you sister" & "God bless you brother". It's nice that we were able to help this couple, even tho in the smallest of ways.

Just a reminder for all to be a lil extra careful, especially the ladies.

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