Wednesday, April 22, 2009

.: So Long, Farewell :.

Had a simple farewell lunch with my ex-boss this afternoon. I was suppose to buy him lunch, but he paid for it instead >.<

Said it was for passing of my exams (which was almost half a year ago ~ way long overdue David! *wink*)

Anyways, its really such a sad thing that such a nice boss is leaving. He was not only my boss and ICAEW mentor, but also have encouraged me in terms of my spiritual growth. Such a blessing to work with someone such an inspiring, wonderful person.

He was telling me of the a story at his workplace and joked that his story was like how this character, Ben Campbell (I wiki-ed it coz I never watch this movie before) in the movie titled "21" has his story to stand out from all the other well qualified applicant into Harvard Medical School. We laughed and laughed about it!

I wish I has my story too! :)

Anyways, wishing David all the best and success in his future endeavors and that he may bring more blessings to his new workplace as he did here!

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