Saturday, April 25, 2009

.: Heart Opener :.

Week 3 at Soup Kitchen.

If Week 1 was an eye opener, Week 3 was a real heart opener.

Well, after serving and collecting the empty cups and containers, the 200 people crowd would usually disperse immediately. However, there are a few who would stay behind, sit, mingle, chat and laugh among themselves. We (Aunty Nancy, JC and I) approched this gentleman, and ask if his leg was ok. Two weeks ago, we saw him with a cast on his leg and he was walking with crutches. After a couple of minutes talking and introducing each other - his name is Nathan (pronounced as Ney-tun not Na-dun - I think its really cute!). His spoken English was very good, and the fact that he could speak Cantonese surprises me even more.

He told us about his background. He started of working as an engineer in a machinery company almost 20 years ago in Ipoh (his hometown). And on a fateful day in 1991, he met with a hit and run accident while he was riding a motorbike at night.

He was in coma for about 3 months. About 3 weeks after he awaken from his coma, his father passed away. And six months later, his mother passed away. He was so sad of the misfortunes that has happened to him that he went into depression, and was admitted to Tanjung Rambutan a couple of times. His siblings and other family members shy away from him because of his predicament, which made him even more depressed. He decided to go to KL to run away from all this.

In KL, he came to know and accepted Christ via from the street mission. To earn a living, he has been doing odd jobs here and there. Till now, he still doesn't have a roof over his head, but he was nonetheless thankful for his life so far. He was on medications for his depression, but has long since stopped as he placed his trust in Christ.

His testimony was really a heart opener to the three of us sitting there.

Look at this man. He was at his peak of his life when the series of unfortunate incident happened to him, causing his whole future ahead of him to crumble overnight. He lost his job. Lost both his parents within a short period of time. His other family members shun him instead of giving him the support he so very much needed. He has no one to turn to.... but yet, God is merciful. He has found peace and solitude in the Lord, and he has done very well to bring himself out of the situation he was in.

He said that he has forgive what his family members has done to him in his time of need. But he hasn't returned to Ipoh since he came down to KL.

It was a real edifying testimony from Nathan.

Will make the extra effort to uphold Nathan in prayers.

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