Sunday, April 19, 2009

.: Childlike v Childish :.

There is a big difference between being childlike and childish.

Just because I love Winnie the Pooh.

Just because I skip under the rain or dance under the moonlights.

Just because I still play tangloongs.

Just because I hum nursery rhymes or sing cartoon theme songs.

Just because I laugh out loud when I am happy.

Just because I cry when I am sad or scared.

Just because I bring Martin bear along with me when I am away from home.

Just because of all these, doesn't make me childish.


=tchia3an= said...

I bring stitchi3 and duggy in handbag when i not happy =) they're palm sized and provide company at times =) i sing hum xmas, adamns family and smurfs tunes too.. humans laugh and cry.. its normal..

its not childish.. its personality and d lil things we do to be unique and ourselves =)

Kathlynn said...

Well, some ppl mistaken all these for being "childish" and it is so not true. Being childlike does not reflect your maturity! =)

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