Friday, April 3, 2009

.: My Blonde Moment :.

Was out for dinner with SJian & Drew the other night. So boyz being boyz, they ware talking about girls like they are some object or something (and they are used to talking that way in front of me - well, coz basically, I'm like one of the boyz...) when SJian asked "So Drew, how's your WWF girl?"

First thing that came to my mind was a girl like Chyna. Don't know who is she? Click here for a pic.

And I was like "What Drew? WWF girl?!" and he was like "Yeah! I told you about her before remember?"

And it only came to me a couple of seconds later that it is the WWF (World Wide Fund) girl, not WWF (World Wrestling Federation).

Gosh. Silly me! :)

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