Tuesday, March 31, 2009

.: Pooh Bear :.

Winnie the Pooh sits by the bonefire, like every other night.

But tonight, it's different.

On top of wondering what's for breakfast tomorrow.

On top of wondering if Christopher Robin or Piglet would have any hunny to spare for brunch.

Inside the head of this bear of very lil brains - he begin to wonder.

If life was really all about getting up in the morning. Eating hunny all day. Playing Poohsticks with Tigger or going fishing with Christopher Robin. More hunny for dinner and supper. And when it is night time, put on his lil blue PJs with a matching blue nightcap. And the cycle repeats itself the very next morning.

Or should Pooh just risk it all, leave behind the 100 Acre Wood & the only friends he knew and begin on an adventure which no one in the 100 Acre Wood has been on.....

Perhaps Pooh should.


Tommorow he shall.

Or perhaps the day after tomorrow.

Well, perhaps.

Or perhaps not.

"I wonder what's for breakfast tomorrow...." Pooh asked out loud.
It is time I break away from norm!

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