Tuesday, March 10, 2009

.: Weekend of Food :.

It's been a great long weekend.

I went down to Malacca with JC to visit my dearest grandma :)

We had a food-spree, where we ate till we we stuffed. We had:

1) Nyonya Laksa @ Donald & Lily (but nothing beats my grandma's rockin authentic Nyonya Laksa) for lunch.
2) Heavily pork-lard laden popiah from the famous vendor opposite Madam King Supermarket at Jalan Bunga Raya.
3) Banana fritters (pisang goreng) along the once-beach-now-reclaimed-land
4) Coconut shake (coconut juice + flesh + vanilla ice-cream all blend into one) just opposite our house
5) Oh Chien - which is fried omelette with oysters
6) Nasi lemak kukus which is only RM 1.50 for a generous portion of steamed coconut rice plus unlimited condiments of cucumber, ikan bilis, egg & samba l(extra spicy - just the way i love it)
7) Home made cendol from this nice Peranakan lady in her house at Bukit Rambai - the coconut milk she uses is so sinfully rich!
8) Grandma's homecooked meals - the best of the best :)

And on Sunday night, I was at SJian's place, where he cooked for us dinner. Loved the beef stew so much! *thanks SJian* And the dessert that CKong made was also superb! :)

So nice to have male friends who can cook :)

Gosh, so much eating for one weekend! Must go on a diet this week! :)

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