Friday, March 27, 2009

.: Good & Faithful Servant :.

This year, we had our Family Church Camp at Grand Kampar Hotel in Kampar. Being part of the organising committee last time round, we were automatically re-elected as this year's organising committee. I love the organizing, coz by nature, I am a planner (tho not a very organized planner,but I am still a planner nonetheless).

The location of the camp was perfect, not to far from KL (less than 2 hours drive) and food from the surrounding towns is absolutely delicious and cheap if I may add to that.

The Grand Kampar Hotel is really nice, being new and all. And the rooms are really spacious.

I brought back a lot with me this Church Camp, as I did so the last one we had 2 years ago.

Pastor Daniel Kumar was really entertaining with his sermons and has included a lot of jokes and laughs. I have attended a couple of Ps Kumar’s sermons in church during renewal fellowship on Fridays. And I was really caught by surprise when Ps Kumar said to me “Hey, I remember you. I prayed for you before haven’t I?” And he even remembered what he prayed for me.

Ps Kumar is one who was blessed with the gift of prophecy. And when he prayed for all the church members individually during renewal fellowship, I was actually quite reluctant to go up for prayer. But a church member encouraged, so when I went up, he asked me “What could I pray for you?”

I gave a quick thought, and I told him “I am very blessed, there isn’t much I want now I guess, but perhaps to learn to be a woman after God’s heart.”

He smiled and as he prayed for me, he had a prophecy and said this to me “Dear sister, I can see you with many people around you. You can talk and connect with people from all walk of life and from all ages. You also have the gift of prophecy.” It was later that I come to realize that I really can talk with people from all age range and all walks of life. I can talk to uncles about the current economic situations. I can talk and listen to aunties about child care or cooking or stuff like that. I can talk to lil kids bout Madagascar or Ben Ten. I can talk to grandma or grandpa about properties and investments or of their grandchildren. I can advise youth bout their studies or get updates from them of the latest music or laugh out loud at their lame (and sometimes dirty) Yo-Mama jokes.

Like the Parables of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30), I feel that I am truly blessed with many “talents”. And because of this, I have to learn to make full use my “talents” for the glory of God and His kingdom. And hopefully one day when I meet my Maker, He would say to me “Well done good and faithful servant…..”

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