Wednesday, March 4, 2009

.: Story Of The Moon & Cheese :.

In an email to Qian:

Ok, the stories goes this way.

Once upon a time, Xiao & Shan went to the same chemistry tuition.
We were bored, so we started to devise an evil plan……*muahahaha* *thunder strike*

We wanted cheese, and where else to get that many cheese but the moon. But we then realise that it cost too much money (fuel cost) to go via a spaceship.

So we decided to go via a rope and a basket & to move the basket, we would get a friend to cycle to generate electricity (see we were paying attention durin physics dynamo lesson).

And who else better to cycle than an ahtletic and so we nominated you :)

And that my friend, is the story of the moon & cheese.

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