Thursday, March 12, 2009

.: Say No To Violence :.

I came across the online news of the shooting rampage in Alabama.

At gym, right after work, CNN was reporting of a shooting rampage. I thought it was the same incident, until I realise that this incident was in a school located in a small town in Germany.

11 (including the gunman) dead, victims include an 18 month old daughter of a local sheriff in the Alabama rampage.

In Winnenden,Germany, the 17 year old gunman took away 15 lifes with his fathers' collection of 16 firearms along with multitude of ammunition. Most of his victims are school students and school teachers.

What has the world become, when people are resorting to violence to resolve whatever problems they may face?

People (from teenagers to politicians) need to realise that this is NOT the solution to ANY problems! What kind of message are we trying to convey to our younger generations?

In memories of all the victims of this devastating violence and their families.

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