Thursday, April 23, 2009

.: Spider Pig, Spider Pig :.

Guess who's coming to town!

No not Britney Spears!

No no, not Rusells Peter, tho I would love to see him if he does…

Come on, guess again…

No silly, Saddam Hussein is already dead (or so I was told..hmmm..possible conspiracy?)

No no no, not the circus...

Oh come on! Why would I be excited over a purple dinosaur coming to town?

Ok fine! Since you give up already let me reveal to you ….


Mr. Krispy Kreme

Ok fine, so you may or may not have known this a long time ago.

But I only realise this yesterday, riding on the monorail on the way to work. Yeah, I take the public transport - that's coz I'm going green (of the green paper in my wallet that is! *wink*). And as I was passing by Berjaya Time Square Mall, I saw this - "Krispy Kreme Opening Soon".

Now, I am not such a big fan of doughnuts and didn't really got sucked into the doughnut craze when Big Apple & J Co was first launched.

But…..when I went to Sydney, I told myself that I must try Krispy Kreme, coz they don't have it in Malaysia, which I did (cost a grenade after conversion - to say a bomb would be totally exaggerating).

And now I am gonna lose that "exclusivity".

Sigh! Oh well! :)

Note :
Note the post subject. See the link?
Spider pig = Homer Simpsons = doughnuts?
Geddit, geddit? No? Nevermind, didn't think you were very smart when you guess Barney earlier anyways! :)

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bridgeT said...

spider pig? hhahaha..yeah i noe..

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