Tuesday, May 12, 2009

.: As We Stroll Along Together :.

Two people, no matter how similar they are, will tend to be different in one way or another. There are no set of gloves in the world that will be an absolute perfect fit. No two individual the exact replica of each other.

Because this is the way that God has made us to be. This is what makes us all individually unique and beautiful in our own ways. And this is what makes the world an interesting, wonderful place to live in.

As we interact with one another, we learn a lil bit more about each other, and we learn a lil bit more about ourselves. We learn to give and take. We learn share what's mine and what's yours to be what's ours. We learn to be there for one another, but also learn to give each other space.

We learn to love and hold on tightly, but we learn to complete that love by letting go. We learn to be comfortable to laugh at each other's fault, we also learn to comfort each other of their sorrows and fears. And even many, many years down the road, we will still be learning all these things and discover new things about each other, for the process of learning will never stop. And that is what makes all relationship interesting.

The road ahead may not always be smooth. There will be some bumps and portholes along the way. But I am glad that we are travelling down this road together, hand-in-hand today and in the next fifty years to come.

Happy 3rd Anniversary….

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