Saturday, July 26, 2008

.: Overdose :.

Ben : Jie, guess how much I got for my class test

Jie : What is the passing mark?

Ben : 50

Jie : You got 50?

Ben : Nope, I failed...

Jie : 49?

Ben : Nope

Jie : Erm, 1?

Ben : Nope

Jie : I give up

Ben : I got negative 60. The dog that I prescribed medicine to died from overdosage. *laughs*

Ok, so my brother didn't really killed a cute lil puppy (thank goodness!), but it shows what he (and 75% of his classmate) can do wrong in a practical class exam.

Gosh, I don't trust pharmacist anymore!~


Heard from my brother that due to the prescription made by some of his classmates, Strathclyde has 50 over angry pregnant women.
Goodness, how can you prescribe contraceptive pills wrongly?!~

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