Monday, July 21, 2008

.: Just A Piece Of Paper :.

I had a close friend, let's call this friend Q.

I found out that Q is seeing someone (let's call this someone Z), who is already married, with kids.

I asked Q if Q thinks that it is appropriate to be in such a relationship.

Q's response is that Z's marriage is just a piece of cert and that piece of cert should not govern what Q & Z are having now.

Z is unwilling to leave this marriage, for the children's sake.

I'm not stating this to judge. I've no rights to judge, for I try to live up to the "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone"....

This post is not to condemn those who are in a similiar situation, nor is it for me to "impose my morality upon others, whom may have a different set of conscience" (quoted by Q)... but it's more of a post to express how I feel of this whole situation.

Firstly, I'm one who believes that marriage is not just a piece of cert. I may make jokes about marriages and being married, but on a serious note, I do take the "death do us part" vow seriously.

To me, it's not so much so as a piece of cert, but a covenant, an agreement that involves a life time commitment between husband and wife, and also to God. It's not something that we should say "Ok, let's just try it out and see if it works... If not, there's always divorce..." but rather "No matter what, I will have to work this out..."

I felt kinda "betrayed" when it was pointed out by Q that "it's just a piece of cert".

I wanted to shout "It is NOT just a PIECE of cert, damn it!"

But what do I know right?

Perhaps it is just me being naive, naive to believe in everything I thought marriages are meant to be.

Perhaps, end of it all, it may just be a piece of cheap paper.....


kenwooi said...

hey i agree with you!
mariage is not just a piece of cert!! =)

Harry - My Fabulous Parenthood said...

I do agree with what you want to say. Obviously Q shouldn't think a marriage as "just a piece of cert", because it isn't! It don't just be in written words, but also a proof that they two are bonded with each other for life.
Sadly, many young people these days doesn't think the way you and I do as they think marriage is just a game that even after married can still find another one. This causes a lot of affairs and a lot of family broken because of selfishness of these group of people.
I'm totally disagree with what your friend Q did. She should be advised and stopped. We are all given the freedom to love, but that doesn't mean we can destroy others in order to fulfill ours.
That's just my opinion, nice post anyway!^^

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