Monday, December 31, 2012

.: Contest-Junkie Anonymous :.

Hi. My name is Kathlynn. I am a contest junkie. I can’t help it. I really can’t. It’s the thrill of getting an email to inform that I have won something. Or that adrenaline-rush when scrolling down the Winner’s list to see my name there.

I really, really am addicted to contests and freebies.


List of things I have won during the past two years since I started becoming a contest addict:

1) From Nuffnang
- Double passes to Orphan

- Double passes to any movie - DiGi contest (I choose The Ugly Truth)
- Double passes to Surrogates
- Double passes to Law Abiding Citizen
- Double passes to Phobia 2
- Double passes to Ninja Assasin
- Double passes to New Moon (thanks to Yin)
- Double passes to Avatar (thanks to Yin)

- Double passes to Paranormal Activity 
- Double passes to Valentines Day
- Double passes to Karate Kid
- Double passes to Eclipse (thanks to Tammie)
- Double passes to Going The Distance
- Double passes to The American (gave away to my brother)
- Double passes to The Social Network 
- Double passes to God Of Carnage 
- Double passes to Hoodwinked Too : Good Vs Evil
- Double passes to Super 8 (didn't redeem coz I was not well! Damn, heard it was an awesome movie!)
- Double passes to The Adventures of TinTin (3D) 
- Double passes to Prometheus
- Double passes to The Possession

2) From another online contest site
- Double passes to Cold Prey 2 (which I didn’t redeem coz the only screening left at that time was in Johor)
- Double passes to The Time Traveller’s Wife + the novel
- Double passes to Love Happens
- Double passes to The Princess & The Frog

- Double passes to Sherlock Holmes (giving away, coz I'm attending another one)
- Double passes to Did You Hear About The Morgans
- Eight in-season passes (sweet!) - which expired before I could redeem! Damn!
- Double passes to Clash of the Titans
- Double passes to Date Night
- Double passes to When In Rome
- Double passes to I Hate Valentine's Day (did not redeem)
- Double passes to A Nightmare On Elm Street 
- Four passes to The Switch
- Double in-season passes to Next Three Days (didn't manage to redeem as I had work to do)
- Double passes to The Green Hornet (didn't redeem coz I didn't even remember entering this contest. Too late *sobs*)
- Double passes to Burlesque
- Double passes to The Rite 
- Four passes to X-Men : First Class
- Four passes to Green Lantern (via Benedict)
- Four passes to Mr Popper
- Two passes to In Time
- Two passes to The Darkest Hour (didn't redeem) 
- Double in-season passes to Wrath of The Titans
- Four passes to What To Expect When You're Expecting (thanks to Yin)
- Double passes to Skyfall 
- Double passes to Upside Down (thanks to Yin)

3) Other free stuffs
- Free birthday pass from GSC (so I manage to catch 2012
- Purse hook (from Got Boobies? contest)
- Hi-5 Surprise contest (won on behalf of my colleague's daughter)
- Free KFC, A&W, Pizza Hut, Rasamas meals at various occasions
- Free petrol @ Petronas
- Honeymoon trip for two to Bali (Waka De Umi)
- A dress for Irenelim Fashion 
- Free cooking classes by Nineteen Culinary Studio 
- Free make up lesson (thanks to Jessying, but didn't have time to redeem *sobs*)
- Jaya Jusco shopping vouchers 
- Cufflinks (from Cuffz)
- Esmeria Organic Skincare Set (thanks to Plusizekitten)
- A pair of Nose wedges (thanks to Shelbybaby)
- 120 BH Cosmetic Palette (thanks to Donna Dell)
- Scrabble pendant (thanks to Simple Reviews)
- Bisou Jumbo Cupcake (thanks to TOKL)
- Free beauty products and such for review purposes
- Six tickets to catch Magical Musical at Sunway (thanks to Mix.FM)
- Two tickets to catch Kings & Queen of Comedy Asia 2 (thanks to MyDKualaLumpur)
- Four tickets to catch Aladdin Musical (thanks to Mix.FM)
- Skin UV White (thanks to Miss Sunshine)
- A book Animal People (thanks to GoingKookies)
- RM15 cash voucher (thanks to Popcorn)
- A wedding garter (thanks to WDW Blogs for Brides)
- A zipper bracelet (thanks to Michelle Soleil)
- Some eyeliner & eyeshadows (thanks to Pinkbox Makeup)
- RM100 shopping voucher (thanks to TheStar)
- Four passes to Titanic 3D (thanks to Capital FM)
- Pizza Hut vouchers (thanks to Audrey FourFeetNine)
- PJ Laugh Fest 2012 (thanks to JayaOne)
- Four passes to Madagascar 3D (thanks to Capital FM)

- Four passes to Hotel Transylvania (thanks to Hitz.FM)
- A bottle of Escada Especially Escada perfume (thanks to Capital FM)
- A bottle of Chloe perfume (thanks to Malaysian Women Weekly)


I mean, it’s mostly movie passes and minor stuff like that, so it’s not like it’s that big of a value, unlike those out there who have won laptops and handphones (the biggest would have to be the honeymoon trip to Bali) and etc.

But you can’t blame me for the thrills I get from winning these lil prize can you? *wink*


The Soul said...

update - and u won a pursehook too :P

Bruce828 said...

Wow~ So you win so many contest. Must enter nuffnang contest next time^^

Tammie said...

yes i can blame

Rengam Boy said...

I have not entered any contest before. As you have such a lady luck of winning prizes, I might as well out source the competition to you. Can I have a rain cheque from you in advance? (just joking). Wish you more luck in future.

goingkookies said...

hey.. it's cool...

i would LOVE to win contests but half the time.. i m either late for it.. or forgot abt it.. or just no great ideas to come up with.. bleh

shelbybaby said...

OMG *jealous*

goingkookies said...

oooh.. contests are fun!! when u win! hehe

so how do you find out about the online contests ie like the one for ur honeymoon??

Kathlynn said...

@kookies - you mus be on a lookout for these contest! there are plenty of online contest (applicable to Msian as well) just google and you can find when needed. like wedding stuff contest too! :)

goingkookies said...


it's still a lot of freebies woman. :)

how did u win the honeymoon trip?

google freebies?

Kathlynn said...

@kookies - yes, just google "giveaway", "contest", "freebies", "samples", all those keywords.... some of them are only applicable to overseas country, but some are international.... Go try it out, you'd be surprise how many things out there that can be won! :)

goingkookies said...

oooh definitely will do so when there's time! :)

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