Tuesday, December 11, 2012

.: Day 4 : Phuket :.

As we didn't have any activities planned up on Day 4, we decided to laze around in bed longer.

We stuffed ourselves to a hearty breakfast at the hotel, again a decent buffet spread. I had some coco puff cereals with cold milk, because I can't remember the last time I had soggy coco puffs (jus the way I like it!) :)

We went back to our room again and laze around for a bit, with the windows open so we can enjoy the sea breeze. The husband took a snooze while I decided to get another massage (you can never get enough of massages I tell you!). He refuses to join me as he finds massage stressful because it's ticklish (weirdo!). It was good, but unfortunately, not as good as the first time as this one was done but an older lady (which at first I thought was a good thing since older equals more experienced, but I suppose I was wrong).

It was already almost lunchtime when we decided to again go down town by the hotel shuttle. We walked for a bit, had some street food, then headed back at 3pm. We decided to go for a swim and it was good as we had the whole pool to ourselves! The joy of going on a holiday during off peak period! We took a walk at the beach, watched some locals fishing for crabs (with their bare hands, mind you) and then went back to our room to shower.

We were already dressed up and ready when our driver picked us up for the FantaSea Show at Kamala, which is approximately 20 mins from our hotel. As we arrived at the most raved-about place in Phuket, we were plesantly surprise to see that it was a sort-off mini theme park. Kids would have appreciated and enjoyed this place more, but we were thrilled nonetheless to be walking through carnival-like the place. Was particularly attracted by the white tigers, tho it's abit sad to see them caged out like that. There were elephants ride as well, but the husband and I decided to give it a skip. The Kinaree buffet was absolutely worth it (it's optional as part of the entrance ticket - but I recommend you to take it as its really value-for-money). It was very well organised, and the variety was aplenty. Again, a tad bit disappointed that there were not as much variety of Thai food as I'd like it to be, unfortunately. We manage to take a peek at the VIP buffet which has additional seafood spread, for a higher price of course. Didn't seem worth the extra money, but hey, I'm a bit bias coz I'm not a big fan of seafood anyways.

As we enter, we had to deposit our camera (including camera-phone) at the counter. I was actually quite amazed at the crowd control, and everything happened so efficiently and organised like clockwork. Imagine, there are a crowd of about 1,000+ people at the very least? We decided to upgrade to VIP seats (earlier during the purchase of the tickets), as we made the booking last minute, but if you already intend to go for this show & could pin down exactly which day, it's advisable to buy the tickets at least 3 days in advance if you want a good non-VIP seat. However, no regrets for the VIP seats as it was worth every penny.

The show was absolutely spectacular. I was blown-away by the beautiful colours of the costume, the lightings, the sounds, the music, the children and animal co-ordinations everything! Spoiler alert : If you think that everything happens on the stage, you are wrong! There are performance, left, right, center & top! Yes, the acrobats at the top were the most entertaining, I was literally awed by them! Ok, I know I am quite easily impressed, but still… And we had a lil surprise during the show. One of the elephants pooped *lol* But that was quickly swept off, and as they say - the show must go on.

When the show ended, there was huge amount of people going out to collect their deposited camera. We had to wait quite abit, but again, impressed with the effeciency of the staff. The show ended at close to about 10pm. And because the night is still young, we decided to explore our last night in Patong town again. We went to another club at Bangla Street, but the performance was a quite disappointing as compared to the first one we went to. It was funny tho, to see some drunk American boys stripping along as the did a pole dance. Yes, they went stark naked! So my second experience at a strip club. Perhaps will bring the girls to these places for the hen's night (girlies, pls get married soon, I am so looking forward for your hen's night!)

We took a tuk-tuk back home at about 1ish, leaving behind a still very-wide-awake and very-alive Patong town.

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