Monday, December 31, 2012

.: Books I've Read For 2012 :.

So I've decided to list down a list of books I've read this year to just keep record and see if reading 50+ books a year is really achievable (as so one of my besties asked the other day).

1) Keeping Faith (Jodi Picoult)
2) Mercy (Jodi Picoult)
3) A Lost Wife's Tale (Marion McGilvary)
4) Before I Knew You (Amanda Brookfield)
5) How To Become A Millionaire Landlord (Azizi Ali)
6) The Watchman (Robert Crais)
7) The Closers (Michael Connelly)
8) Bed of Roses (Nora Roberts)
9) Danger In A Red Dress (Christina Dodd)
10) The Butterfly Cabinet (Bernie McGill)
11) Chasing Darkness (Robert Crais)
12) They Found Him Dead (Georgette Heyer)
13) Three Times A Lady (Sarah Webb)
14) Animal People (Charlotte Wood)
15) Catillion (Georgette Heyer)
16) Where The Love Gets In (Tara Heavey)
17) 44 Scotland Street (Alexander McCall Smith)
18) Blood Vines (Erica Spindler)
19) Gone Baby Gone (Dennis Lehane)
20) Still Life (Louise Penny)
21) Compulsion (Hilary Norman)
22) Deadly Kin (Tom Eslick)
23) Home From Home (Carol Smith)
24) Watch Me Die (Erica Spindler)
25) Got You Back (Jane Fallon)
26) Something From Tiffany's (Melissa Hill)
27) No Place For A Woman (Donna Hay)
28) Once A Thief (Kay Hooper)
29) Sing You Home (Jodi Picoult)
30) The Partner (John Grisham)
31) Hurting Distance (Sophie Hannah)
32) A French Affair (Susan Lewis)
33) Girl With A Pearl Earring (Tracy Chevalier)
34) Death Toll (Jim Kelly)
35) It Had To Be You (Sarah Webb)
36) Treachery in Death (J.D. Robb)
37) Where Rainbows End (Cecilia Ahern)
38) Happy Ever After? (Patricia Scanlan)
39) The Best Of Me (Nicholas Sparks)
40) Bones To Ashes (Kathy Reichs)
41) Tough Customer (Sandra Brown)
42) How To Win Any Arguement (Robert Mayer)
43) Young Sherlock Holmes : Red Leech (Andrew Lane)
44) The Other Half Lives (Sophie Hannah)
45) The One I Love (Anna McPartlin)
46) A Different Kind Of Beauty (Sylvia McNicoll)
47) WTF? 23 Properties By 30 (Faizul Ridzuan)
48) Matters Of Life & Death (Bernard MacLaverty)
49) The Summons (John Grisham)
50) The Lovely Bones (Alice Seabold)
51) Truth Or Dare (Jayne Ann Krentz)
52) What The Nanny Saw (Fiona Neill)

As of July 2012, I am still way behind on my 50 books per annum target. Will need to catch up if I wanna achieve this goal.

As of August 8th, I have only achieved 50% of my targeted read for the year.

It's already beginning of Sept and I still have 20 odds book to go! But I'm gettin my momentum back! :)

Another 10 weeks left to year end, but 14 books (including 2 read-in-progress). Gotta keep it up! :)

A book and a half to complete in three days! #missionpossible #challengeaccepted #52booksin52weeks

A couple of hours before the stroke of midnight, I've officially completed my #52booksin52weeks challange! #selffive #patsback #proudofmyself #missionaccomplish #newyearsresolution :)


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Ceska said...

Jodi Picoult takes religion in her novel "Keeping Faith." Mariah White and her 7-year-old daughter Faith return home unexpectedly one afternoon and find Colin White, Mariah's husband and Faith's father, with another woman. Colin announces he is leaving Mariah for the other woman, and shortly thereafter, they divorce. Faith is particularly impacted by the divorce and she begins to speak to an imaginary friend that she calls her "Guard." Mariah doesn't think too much of it at first, but becomes worried and takes Faith to a psychologist. Over time, they come to realize that Faith's "Guard" is God. And God appears to Faith in a female form. The media swoops in on the story as soon as Faith performs her first miracle. She raises the dead. Then, she cures a baby who had AIDS. But Faith's visionary status takes a turn for the dramatic when the little girl begins to experience stigmata. Colin, thinking Mariah is somehow inflicting the stigmatic wounds upon Faith and that Faith is in danger, sues Mariah for custody of Faith.

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