Wednesday, January 2, 2013

.: New Year's Resolution :.

Ok, so it’s the New Year, which usually also marks the time where new resolutions are made. I one am not a big fan of new year resolutions, because, for me, it’s usually a goal made at the spur of the moment, and I would be so gung-ho over it for the next couple of days (or weeks, if the hype last that long – read here on my (lack-of) attention span ) and then, it just dies – like my pet Wamu that I abandoned in Pet Society (read here for more on Wamu ).

However, last year, I have, subconsciously, set a goal for myself and with that; it has become last year’s new year’s resolution. My goal was to read at least 50+ books in a year. And then, Bridget introduced me to this #52booksin52week , and with that, 52 books became my target. I am proud to say that I have achieved Year 2012 resolution, as I completed the last book right in the nick of time, on New Year’s eve. I must also add, that this is on top and above my sudden addiction to watching TV series as well (read here on the number of series I have watched for the year! )

This year, after giving it much thought, I decided to focus on my health. If you have already known, I am really prone of getting sick, and I believe that this is partially caused by my unhealthy lifestyle. So, I decided to embrace #run365, which, personally for me, is to walk/jog/run for a minimum of 365km in Year 2013. I know the distance is easy-peasy for some, heck, it’s like running 8 marathons, which I know many of my friends do, but for a couch potato like myself, I hope that this goal is a motivation and an achievable target for me to work towards to. I am planning to use a combination of methods and advise of this programme called C25k , which stands for (Couch To 5km), which is a designed for a couch potato like myself to running at least 5km without collapsing! A site recommended by my besties on the basics of running!

I know as an full-grown adult, I should not rely on others to push me to achieve this goal, as I personally feel that all these should be self-motivated (*winks at Ben*), but a little encouragement would be nice! :)

So here’s to #run365 ! Cheers! :)

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