Thursday, January 24, 2013

.: I'm A Ninja :.

So, I got this top a couple of months ago at a bazaar at MMU while attending Yin's graduation.

It says "I'M NINJA" and I just adore this top coz it was just too cute! (it's handmade, so it's definately one of a kind - or so I think!)

Source : Summer Treehouse

Anyways, whenever I wear this top, I will go to my husband and say "I'm a .... NIIIIN - JAHHHH!" multiple times till it annoys the crap out of him (wifely duty completed!)

Today, he had a ninja joke that he wanted tell me, and before he could tell me his joke, I interjected and told this to him :

Kath : Dear, guess what! (whispering tone) I'm a... niiiin - jahhhh!
John : Uh-huh! Really? I don't believe you!
Kath : Did you see me do that?
John : Do what? (started laughin as he saw where I was goin)
Kath : Exactly!

The very few rare moments where the husband actually gets the joke! :)

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