Friday, April 16, 2010

.: When In Rome :.

Why I rather not be in Rome.

I got two tickets to watch the premier of When In Rome on Monday.

In all honestly, I personally think it’s one of the worse movie I have ever watched. To begin with, I didn’t set the bar high by building unreasonable expectations of this movie. After watching the trailer, I actually expected it to be mediocre, by boy was I disappointed as it turned out to be way worse!

To begin with, the cast was an array of actors or actresses that was as stiff as a cardboard. Even the lead actor (Josh) and actress (Kristen) shows nothing of the tiniest hint of chemistry whatsoever. The other actors (who played the suitor of Beth (Kirsten)) was either so dull or overly exaggerated (Please don’t tell me it was meant to be that way, because it could have been better if it’s not!). The storyline was too predictable that the only surprise I had was that there were no surprises.

Would I pay to watch this movie?
Heck, no!

Would I watch it for free again?
Heck, no!

Would I pay NOT to watch the movie?
Yes! (It was really, really that bad)

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