Wednesday, April 28, 2010

.: Pool For Pooh :.

Kath : Drew, lets go out for a game of pool or to a CC to play COD4 or something. I need a break from all the feminine girly wedding and house reno and d├ęcor whimsy stuff and just do something masculine and manly.
Drew : Pool at Taipan tomorrow night?
Kath : You’re on!

It’s been a while since I played pool. Almost two years plus since here!

Its bout time I put whatever theoretical thingy I learn in my Form 5 physics into practical application.


nenamoesha said...

Playing pool is masculine and manly? O.O U shld go for a game of rugby! Hehe now THAT is masculine and manly.. And sweaty and rough and no mercy! :D

Kathlynn said...

well, its d only thing tat i can play reasonably well. not into physical sports for obvious reasons! haha :) but anyhows, d meetin was cancelled, coz drew was ill. sigh

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