Friday, April 9, 2010

.: Irenelim Fashion - A Consumer's Review :.

In this modern time, there are just a million reasons to love online shopping (or blogshopping as how I would refer it too). Among other reasons:

1) It is so convenient - you can do it anywhere with an internet connection 24/7 and it is the only way you can shop in your pajamas and unbrushed teeth? *wink*

2) It the best way to hunt yourself a good bargain – you can do your price comparisons by opening multiple internet browsers as oppose to walking in and out of shops after shops. And reviewers such as My Sales Hunter or Fashionista 1001 – Alternatives makes this process all so much the easier.

3) Other savings
(i) Time savings – have you ever tried to look for parking spaces in places like One Utama or The Curve on weekends? Madness I tell you! Madness!
(ii) Cost savings – you save on parking fees, petrol, etc

With the mushrooming of many blogshops, even at local entry area, how do one choose which blog to shop from?

Now, I am extremely fussy on the blogshops I shopped at, and I value good service on top of my (unreasonable) demand for high quality goods at value-for-money prices. And so far, only a few blogshops made it to the list.

When my cousin, Tammie, mentioned to me early this week of Project Witch for Irenelim Fashion, the name immediately rang a bell. I have seen many positive reviews and feedbacks of this shop (although I have not personally shopped here before) and I thought yes, perhaps I should have a look at what this site has to offer.

I love the variety of clothes they have, especially the dresses, so after a quick, hasty decision (as I was still not sure if Project Witch was an April Fool joke extended because someone forgot to highlight that at the end of 1st April), I picked this dress.

Filled up the form (on Monday), and waited (skeptically, if I may add) for the email. And then the email came the next day (Tuesday) – to confirm that I am taking part in Project Witch, my order was confirmed, and the clothes was delivered yesterday (Thursday). Talk about efficiency! I never expect to see the goods until like next week!

I eagerly open up the package like an overly-excited 5 year-old on the first day of Christmas, and when I unfold it, in front of my mom, she went like “Wow, nice!”.

Ok, for the benefit of those who do not know my mom, her compliments are even rarer than the sighting of Big Foot. So for her to say that it is nice, plus after she examine closely at the quality of the goods, her nodding her head – as a seal of approval, that is really something. And let me tell you, her QC is really of top notch and she has reprimanded me with constant nagging for purchasing online clothes that are of less-to-her-standard quality.
The dress that I got! :)
Pardon the crumpleness, I had no time to iron before modelling it.
Also, pardon the (lack of) model-like pose, I am just too stiff!

So, good, super fast and efficient service of top quality clothes at an unbelievably affordable price, what else is there to ask for?

So blogwalk yourself right in to Irenelim Fashion and go ahead to buy the item that catches you eye.

P/S : Don’t hesitate too long, or the fast-selling items would be out-of-stock before you can say “Bunny, bunny, hop hop!~”

Why bunny, bunny, hop hop? Coz I am random like that! :)


Iamthewitch said...

Yo girl! May I just say u look simply awesome in the multi functional black dress!! Great pick :)

kenwooi said...

if got male clothings, i'll consider buying =)

Kathlynn said...

thank you Mei Yee! :)

Ken, modern men wear women's clothes. u can be one of them! haha! :)

Tammie said...

haha lalala~

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