Friday, April 30, 2010

.: Shadows of Doubts :.

Rethink. Rethink. Rethink.

Wonder whether I can deal with the humiliation if I call the wedding off at this stage. There are just times where I really can’t deal with it. And I don’t mean the planning and preparation for the event (which is already draining me as it is). It’s just that, there are moments where I don’t know for sure if JC’s really the one? And to make such commitment when my heart and head is still in doubt, does it mean that for sure he isn’t THE ONE?

I mean, if I already know that he is THE ONE, I shouldn’t be getting cold feet more frequent than getting a pedicure.

To a point where I am asking my friends whether a no-show bride or a divorcee is less humiliating. Pardon my negativity.

Really giving this questioning look to God, coz I really don’t understand why I am going thru the motions when He has already assured me earlier that this is the right choice.

Just needed to rant it all out before I go completely beserk !


bridgeT said...

ive heard many stories of brides, prior to the wedding, they had the same feeling as what ure going through. guess this is kinda one of those steps every girl faces before the big day. and im sure if u'll be able to go through this step/doubt/uncertainties, you'll be able to face other stuffs well in the future (:

but im sure you know what you're doing. and its okay to be nervous once in a while hhehehehe. chheeerrrr upssss!! (:

Kathlynn said...

but seriously seriously scared la. im still not sure what im doing. and no, so far the few bride-have-been I talked to have not shared this emo roller coaster moments w me. which makes me wonder even more if there's somethin really wronnnggg.... :(

bridgeT said...

hah cause they dun wann their hubby now to know la. lol those who haf told me told me not to tell anyone -.-

maybe u can ask them...sure have one la (:nothing wrong wif u

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