Tuesday, November 24, 2009

.: A Movie Date! :.


Mr.F : Hello?
K : Hello, urm Uncle, it's K here. Was wondering if I can ask B out tonight for a movie?
Mr.F : Oh, what time is the movie? And what time will you bring B back?
K*still sweating* : Movie starts at 9pm, should end about 11pm. B will be back before 12.
Mr.F : Before your car turns into a pumpkin?
K*nervous laugh* : Yeah, before my car turns to a pumpkin.

Mr.F : Ok, I will need to ask Mrs.F first, and I will message you back.
K : Ok, thanks Uncle!

On MSN :

K : Called for dad, butttttttttttttttt he needs to check with your mom first.
B : Lol. Then we have to wait!

Minutes later


You have (1) new message

*holds breath as K reads the message*

Mr.F : Ok, approved!


K : Ok, your dad approved!
B : Lol. OK!

I never knew it could be so nerve-wreaking to ask someone out on a date.

Oh, btw, K is me and B is Benedict. And Mr.F is Uncle Freddy, Benedict's dad.


K : Gosh, feels like im a guy askin sumone's daughter out for a date!
B : Now you know how guys have to ask girl out!

P/S : Many thanks Nuffnang for the Ninja Assassin tickets! See you fellow Nuffnangers there tonight!


bridgeT said...

before your car turns into a pumpkin??????????????????
HOW LAME CAN MY DAD BE???? swt swt swt. hahahahaha

Kathlynn said...

yes, he said that. i was like super nervous ok! >.<
first time i 'asked' a guy out! :)

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