Thursday, November 19, 2009

.: (I Feel The Rolling Thunder To) My Fingertips :.

I like working here. My colleagues (including my bosses) are absolute jokers.

When we work, we really work.

When we laugh, we laugh out loud (till you may think that we are some high school kids playing a prank on each other).

It’s a good working environment; everyone is so polite and pleasant, including the tea lady and office boy. I mean, I never had the tea lady or the office boy greet me good morning everyday til I came here.

All is good, all in all....

And my boss Speedy (we named him so coz he walks fast, talks fast, and thinks fast - so if you want to be at the top of the game, you have to be like him) is a nice boss to work with too.

Just that there are some time where Speedy comes up to me with a 'Hey Shan, just wanna ask you......' and give a scenario of possible structures and expects me to know at my fingertip on the accounting treatment for these scenarios. [Yes, my boss calls me Shan, which makes me a tad bit uncomfortable, coz it's what my close friends call me!]

But sad to say, I don't have it all at my fingertips. In fact *look at my fingertips* I don't think I have anything at all. *laughs*

I think it's bout time me and TLT spend the weekend together, most likely in bed. TLT (Tan Liong Tong) is the I-Ching textbook of consolidation, not some hot hunky guy *too bad*!


It's for your own good Kath! :)

p/s : a prize to someone who can tell me what song the title above is from? no cheating, do not google!


bemusedyin said...

what song is tat? from the dinosaur age?

Kathlynn said...

its not THAT old! :)

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