Saturday, November 14, 2009

.: Recipe : Buttermilk Scones :.

"Taste like the ones they have in Equatorial" all three of my colleagues commented. I brought four pieces, one of my colleague was on leave today, so one of the 'tam chiak'(greedy) colleague of the three took two pieces. Tsktsktsk!

I am so glad that the scones turned out well.

Actually, I was quite skeptical as when I mixed all the ingredient, it turned out more 'watery' that 'doughy'. Hence, I didn't use a cutter but rather used my hands to lump it into a freestyle, organic-looking scones.

It turned out really moist and soft - my bro, JC and later on my three colleagues gave the seal of approval.

So here's there recipe for me to share :

Ingredient A
10 oz (285 grams) all-purpose flour
2 oz (60 grams) brown sugar [if you are using white sugar, I suggest you cut down slightly, but then again, its really your preference how sweet you want your scones to be]
2 tbs baking powder
dash of salt

Ingredient B
2.5 oz (70 grams) butter (room temperature)
2.5 oz (70 grams) margarine (room temperature)
125 ml buttermilk + a few drops of vanilla essence

55 grams of raisins [or more, depending on your preference]

Step 1 : Sieve Ingredient A together in a mixing bowl

Step 2 : Add in Ingredient B and give it a mix with a spatula. Apparently, the key to making good, light, fluffy scones, is not to overdo with the mixing. Hence, slow and big hand movements. Electric mixer is not recommended.

Step 3 : Add raisins

Step 4 : Shape scone batter into round-flattish shape and place onto tray (or cupcake sheets if you like).*

Step 5 : Brush the top of scones with some buttermilk.

Step 6 : Put into preheated oven at 220 degrees for 12 to 15 minutes.

*For my case, the batter was too soft to be cut with a round cookie cutter, hence I just shaped it with my hand. The original recipe calls this step. Pls note. Pat dough into a 2cm-3cm thick round. Using a round cutter (or a cup), cut dough into rounds and place them on a pre-greesed tray.

Oh, this recipe yields about 6-8 generous sized scones. So be prepare to double or triple it should you want more! :)

Updated : I've tried making scones again today, but it didn't turn out as good as the first batch. Could be due to 3 reasons.

1) It was a successful mistake, albeit measured the ingredient wrongly, but it tasted great.
2) I used a different brand of flour - could it have caused the second batch to be not as milky as the first?
3) For the second batch, I used white sugar instead of brown sugar.

Well, good news is, if it's 2) & 3), I will be able to tell when I use the same brand as I did for the first batch. But bad news is, if it's 1) it's gonna take alot of trial and error before I get it 'right'

That means (for now) I can't get my 'Equatorial Scones' anymore! *big sobs*

Nevermind, I will not give up. I am gonna get it right! Till then, bear with me for a while.

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