Wednesday, November 11, 2009

.: Cut, Cut, Cut :.

THE controversial P1 Wimax broadband advertisement which repeatedly stressed on the word potong (cut), is now being reviewed by the Malaysian Communications and Multi-media Commission (MCMC). -The Star-

A popular advertisement aired over television and radio is being scrutinised by the Communications and Multimedia Commission for content violation following complaints, deputy Information, Communication and Culture Minister Senator Heng Saei Kie told the house yesterday. -New Straits Times-

When I heard about this issue being announced on the radio this morning, I can't help but smirk to myself of how PETTY Malaysian politicians are.

I mean like, isn't there bigger issues that they need to resolve instead of a humorous, creative and in my opinion, non-offensive advertisement like this.

I am no Bahasa expert, but I believe that the word potong, simply means cut. And of course, the subtle humour behind this advert may also mean 'circumcise', but no where was it explicitly mentioned. Hence, how can this be offensive?

And what may follow next?

That MCMC also would review 'circumcised ice cream' (ais krim potong)?



kenwooi said...

eh.. many people buying ice cream potong eh... dont ban it!! =P

Mr. J @ said...

y have too sensitif aiyak.. thats show how low Malaysia Gov' ... huHU~

ThreadBarn said...

I agree with u, Kath.. There r so many bigger issues to deal with n they're focusing on this? Clowns in LaLa Land

bemusedyin said...

so many rapist and addicts out there and our politicians can tokkok about vocabulary. we're screwed. totally.

Baby said...

don't ban ice cream potong.

but then... the p1 ad is attractive but you must understand when people hear the word 'potong', we'll automatically think of 'cutting there'. when i asked my mom, she also said the same thing. when i heard the ad, i also think the same. imagine if kids hear them everyday, everywhere and everybody say the same 'potong'. the kids will only think of potong whatever they can. and is might cause unwanted things to happen.

Chingy said...

Agreed on the focusing in more important stuff, sigh this is Malaysia after all. They're trying to protect Streamyx after all

Of Tr@vels, 3nvironment and bl@bl@bl@ said...

that's Malaysia gov...Malaysiaaa gov..anyway i think it couldn't a sabo by slowmyx ppl..since they are the monopoly and could be of jealous to P1..they might do know what i mean..sama gang..

Kathlynn said...

Ken - they won't ban ais krim potong, jus d name. maybe they will call it ais krim 1Malaysia. or whatever they like.

Mr. J - its embaressin isn't it? tsktsk.

TB - clowns runnin our country; how comfortin eh?

yin - yes man, we are screwed! seriously, our politicians need to be *slapped*slapped* and wake up!

Kathlynn said...

baby - yes, i undrstnd that it may b a lil suggestive, but lil kids shudnt know the 'suggestive' meanin behind it. its like adult humour in spongebob, monsters vs alien, etc

chingy - but didnt streamyx used back the same 'potong' concept in their adverts?

of travels - like how they try to protect MAS? but even other 'non protected' company can survive. vry simply put, as long as u cant deliver quality product, ppl will choose other alt. look at wat happened in the recent election n u can c wat i mean! *wink* :)

Simon Seow said...

It's just Chew Mei Fun struggling to get some lime light on her political career. Not MP some more now might lose her power in MCA.

gagaukon said...

aiyoo..potong sajer lahhh... i love aiskrem potong

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