Sunday, November 8, 2009

.: Portuguese Grilled Fish - First Attempt :.

I attempted to create the PORTUGESE GRILLED FISH (IKAN BAKAR PORTUGIS) that we had in Oasis, the small foodcourt in Midvalley.

After much googling - I manage to get a few recipes and picked one that sounded more promising....

The results are below :

Grilled stingray fish (ikan pari) wrapped in banana leaves

Extra spicy with sprinkle of raw, finely sliced shallots

Mixture of ocra aka ladyfingers (bendi), winged beans aka squared beans (kacang botol) & squid (sotong*)

* I know that cuttlefish = sotong, so what is squid in BM?

Anyways, I woke up like 7am in the morning to go to the market (repeat to myself : I am NOT an AH SOH). I wasn't so sure how much the stingray fish usually cost, so I was really hoping that I did not get cheated by the fishmonger.

When I came home, my mom asked me how much I bought it for. And when I say RM 14, she kept quiet. Which means .... I WASN'T CHEATED *jump for joy*

Coz if I were, there's NO WAY my mom would just keep quiet bout it. In fact, I think I may have even gotten it at a bargain! *wink*

The dish turned out to be okay to my standard. There is still something or another lacking that didn't give it the UMPH! that Oasis had. But if I must say, it taste as good as what you could get a mediocre food stall. But I shall not settle for mediocracy, and vow to perfect this dish. So perhaps in the next attempt or so, I will post up the perfected recipe!

For now, just enjoy the pictures (taken by a phone camera - hence, the squid looks pinkish, but it isn' me!)


bridgeT said...

AH SOH!!!!! lol
my mum 'resigned' from the market and so ben n i usually go nowadays. hahaha so dun feel like an ah soh cause i do see hot mama's go there.LOL

Kathlynn said...

i am NOT an ah soh! im NOT! im NOT!

Eclipse said...

could you share with me your recipe?? pretty pleaseee...

living overseas and love this food very much...T_T

especially the Oasis at Mid Valley one...

Kathlynn said...

Hi. I don't mind sharing, but let me warn you first that it taste nothing like oasis', hence, i was thinkin of tryin to make further improvement.

but anyways, here are the approximate recipe

8-10 shallots
4 buah keras (candlenut)
2 serai (lemongrass)
4-5 dried chili (soaked in hot water - remove seed if you want it less spicier)
1-2 inch asam, diluted in 200ml water(tamarind juice)
chili padi (if you want the extra spice)

blend the ingrediant above, and smear over the fish/vege

grill in oven for about 20 mins or until fish/vege cook.

Eclipse said...

wow thx..I'll try it..:D

Anonymous said...

Must put udang kering and belacan i think..because i can taste it when eating at oasis

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