Wednesday, November 4, 2009

.: Dear Mr Sparks :.

Dear Mr Sparks,

I wanted you to know that I am like one of your greatest, biggest fan. I love how you described the love Noah has for Ellie in The Notebook. I love the words you used in the letter Garrett wrote to Theresa in Message In The Bottle. I love how you brought up the innocent and pure love of Jamie and Landon in A Walk To Remember. I love the ending you unexpectedly created for Wilson and Jane in The Wedding or Jeremy and Lexie in At First Sight. And I did bawled my eyes out reading all of those.

But Mr Sparks, I must say that The Road To Rodanthe was quite a disappointment. To me, it was just a mediocre novel, and perhaps I have expected much more from you since you’ve set such a high benchmark with all the other novels I have read.

I don’t understand Mr Sparks, how Adrianne and Paul can fall madly and deeply in love, in just a matter of days. As much as I am helplessly romantic at heart and I know that tho it is remotely possible that once you lay eyes on your soulmate, you know that it is them and them alone that you want to spend the rest of your life with, it does happen. But I didn’t felt that chemistry between Adrianne and Paul. I couldn’t feel the intensity and passion of their love, as much as I could feel the way Wilson loved Jane.

And the letters written by Paul is pale in comparison with what Garrett's final letter to Theresa or Noah’s beautiful poetic letters to Allie.

And Mr Sparks, for the second time of the SEVEN novels (The Gurdian being the first) of yours that I have read, I did not shed a single tear.

But no matter what, I am still your greatest fan, and I look forward to reading your other novels such as – Dear John, The Chance, The Lucky One, The Last Song, True Believer......

P/s : I made JC read your novel too Mr Sparks :)

Your greatest fan,
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kenwooi said...

haha.. open letter to him..
really do hope he reads eh? =)

Kathlynn said...

yes ken, im positively sure he will~ haha :)

Tammie said...

tell me it was me who introduced this you u? XD

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