Friday, November 6, 2009

.: Google Alert :.

I think that it is important for you to be abreast with the media spotlight the organization you work with is getting.

No matter how busy you are and sometimes (for my case : most of the time) do not have the lil extras to read the papers*, you still need to know.

* Note: Well, to be honest, I do have those lil spare times in the morning before work, or during lunch, or after work – but… I rather :
1) catch up on my facebook updates ( read : I am NOT a facebook addict, I just need to check my facebook status every other hour)
2) blogwalking ( read : I love reading interesting blogs)
3) blogshopping ( read : the BESTEST way to shop! Psttt… lookout for updates in Threadbarn! )
4) recipe finding ( read : I love googling for recipes randomly!)
5) update my blog ( read : I need to rant & crap at least once a day!)

Imagine the embarrassment if someone comes up to you and at the mention of your workplace organisation’s name, they go “Oh, that’s great…I read that they are XX.” Or “Wow. So do tell about the YY that they are talking about in The Edge last week” and you go like “Erm, I’ve never heard of XX” or “Huh? Isit? YY? I didn’t know that!”

Hence – to mitigate the odds of being in such predicament, one could use Google Alert!

I used it while I was an auditor.

I am still using it as an accountant in HL.

It’s simple to use: just key in your keywords and any news or articles on the particular keyword that you preset will be emailed to you.

Now you can impress your peers with the up to date news of your org and save precious minutes away from the newspapers and watch Grey’s Anatomy (or Sex and The City or HIMYM or whatever tickles your fancy) instead.

Disclaimer: But if you have no knowledge whatsoever of the issues of OneMalaysia, two Peraks and three MCAs; I am not to be blamed ok? :)

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