Tuesday, November 17, 2009

.: Battle Of The DSLR - And The Winner Is... :.

Oct 19 : The battle of Nikon vs Canon.....

Round One. *ting*

Nov 17 : Well, guess what? After much thought and research, I finally settle for this!

So more beautiful pictures coming up! Once I learn the 101 on DSLR camera first! Haha :)

Now since I have done so much research, let me share with you that if your interested to get a D5000 Nikon, please remember to check if it's under the recall list (due to some power switch problem). For the Serial Number Check, please refer to this website here!


nenamoesha said...

Personally, I think Nikon is like Nokia in the camera world lol.. It def has more gadgets and lenses etc.. Canon is reputable but conservative.
I wanted a Nikon D60 but got used to my Oly now..
You should try the cameras in person to decide dear.. And depends on ur budget as well.. :D

Kathlynn said...

thanks buzz. will definately try it out beforehand. but still, i need to know the pros n cons beforehand. dont wanna b payin so much and dont know what im gettin myslf into :)

nenamoesha said...

Have u read any forums reg the brands? Pretty useful to get info frm other users :) Good luck, babe!

Tammie said...



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