Thursday, November 26, 2009

.: New Moon :.

I was driving on the way to work yesterday, and over the radio, Hitz.FM two radio DJ, Ian and JJ, were discussing about the big fuss over New Moon; a movie due to launch in Malaysia today.
And there were callers who have called, in high-pitch squeaky voices and full of enthusiasm trying to ‘convert’ this two DJs to like the movie.

There was one caller who even begged to be given a free movie ticket to watch the premier last night.

And here I am, having a pair of tickets to watch New Moon (courtesy of Nuffnang – thank to Yin too).

And to be honest, after watching the first of Twilight saga – Twilight, I didn’t really enjoyed it. In fact, I resent it soooo much, that me and my cousins have decided to use the word ‘twilight’ as an adjective in our Couzzietionary.

Anyways, here is my absolutely BLUNT, HONEST and BRUTAL review of New Moon – The Twilight Saga.

Good news: It was not AS BAD AS Twilight!

Bad news: It was still BAD!

Sorry to all you screaming Twilight fans (did you know that there’s a group of people going around calling themselves Twilighter? Like WTH?) out there.

I did not gasp or hyperventilate when Edward Cullen first appearance on screen in this movie (many did!)

I did not sob or moved to tears at any ‘so-called’ touching moments between Edward and Belle (many did!)

And no, I did not felt anything when *spoiler alert* Edward proposed to Belle at the end of the movie (many was gasping, oohhh-ing and awww-ing!)

The only consolation was that there was an eye candy for me spelt J-A-C-O-B! *wolf whistle*

Now, not only did his hawt body caught my attention, but there was a hint of chemistry or at least some form of emotion between him and Belle. Unlike scenes between Edward and Belle, where I felt no electricity or sparks flying whatsoever, at least with Jacob, I could ‘feel’ his love for Belle.

Well, no points for guessing which team I am on.


Having said that, based on my discussion with many others, I believe that the book by Stephanie Meyer would be much better read that watching the movie itself.

So anyone to loan me the whole series? :)


sharlenehong said...

aiyo shan, i just wanna watch it tmr... haha

Kathlynn said...

sharlene, how was it? u like?

Miss V. said...

Hi babe!

This is the first time I read your blog (been blog-hopping just now =P), and I've to say, I really, seriously agree with you on your New Moon entry, haha.

If I were asked to review New Moon, I would just give them your URL =D

P.S: I'm a self-proclaimed Twilight LOL fan, look it up, they exist =D

P.S 2: Yes, the books are better than the movies =) tho I'm still not a fan.


Kathlynn said...

thank you miss V. go team jacob! :)

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