Tuesday, November 3, 2009

.: Two Movies :.

Imagine my excitement when I found out I won a pair of movie tickets to watch The Time Traveler’s Wife AND on top of that, the novel itself.

*does a silly dance*

And tomorrow, I will be watching together with fellow Nuffnangers the premiere screening of Thai horror movie Phobia 2 in One Utama.

Oh happy day, oh happy day :)

4 comments: said...

Phobia 2 would be nice. See you there.

I think I will be laughing more than get frighten as I see other people's horrified face.

kenwooi said...

ahh.. so long i didnt go to the cinemas edy.. =P

Kathlynn said...

Daniel - phobia 2 was good wasn't it? esp the 5th scene. so entertaining!

Kathlynn said...

ken. u shud enter nuffnangs' contests. win free tix

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