Wednesday, January 6, 2010

.: Paranormal Activity :.

I went to watch the premier of this movie with the brother last night at GSC Tropicana Mall.

I was down with cough and cold, so I bundled myself in a really big jacket - the ones that looks like I am going on an expedition to the North Pole.

During the movie, I was trying to refrain myself from coughing especially some scenes where you KNOW something is gonna happen. And when those scenes end, and you hear someone letting go a string of coughs, I am guilty as charged *shy smile*

Anyhows, there wasn’t such a big hype of this movie – as compared to blockbuster cinema hits like Avatar or Sherlock Holmes, movies that were premiering just weeks before. Afterall, this movie is an independent horror film that is written and directed by the same person Oren Peli.

According to Wikipedia (the I-Ching of whatever you ought to know), this movie was actually premiered at the Screamfest Film Festival in USA back in October 2007. The absolutely low budget movie (well how much cost could one expect from a movie cast of 4 actor/actresses?) of $15,000 manages to rake in earnings of $100million. That’s like a whooping 666,666% returns on investment! Unbelievable!

As far as the one-and-the-half hour movie plot goes, it is actually quite flat, not much surprises or extremely scary scenes. But there are a few scenes that I could hear girls screaming from the back of the cinema. Could that be Benjicajess? Coz I saw her walking in and sitting at the place where the screaming sounds came from *wink*

And did you know, that there are actually three different endings to this movie? And that ending to the movie we saw last night has a different ending to that showed in Screamfest and Burbank screening.

Anyways, as scary as this movie may be to some, it’s nothing compared to the fact that I have to consolidated a public-listed company results at a tight deadline so that it can be announced on time to Bursa Malaysia. Which means, come in to work early, work throughout lunch, and only get to go back really, really late! *screams* How's that for horror?

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Melissa said...

Oh, there was actually a different ending to that movie? Didn't know that! :)

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