Thursday, January 28, 2010

.: And Here I Am :.

Been on a physical and emotional roller coaster the past weeks, and I reckon it will be worse for the next months to come.
Work has taken a toll on my already-lacking-energetic self.

Weekends are dedicated to running urgent errands, forsaking the important-but-not-that-urgent task – like cleaning up my sty I mean room. The spring cleaning is way overdue-ed and I think it would be a major overhaul to clean the mess (mess is an understatement) it is in now.

This weekend, I will be off to Gua Musang for a mission trip by my church. I am in charge of Children Sunday School for at least three kampongs there. Tho I have been teaching Sunday School for the last three years (wow, it has been that long hasn’t it?), this mission trip is gonna be a new challenge altogether. Firstly, as compared to a normal class of six to twelve students ranging from 3- 5 years old here in SLS Church, it will be a class of fifty students per kampong there in Gua Musang. Fifty! Secondly, the language barrier. Tho I must say that I still can converse in Bahasa Malaysia, there are times where I have to pause for a moment to gather the right words. So *scrubs*scrubs* my Bahasa Malaysia needs a lil bit of brushing up now.

Wedding preparation – well I shall leave it for the next post! :)

Tho I have been runnin about doin all the wedding preparation and stuff, there’s been a couple of emo moments and I am seriously getting cold feet. I know that it’s normal for the bride-to-be to get all jittery and stuff, but I never knew it happens at such an early stage. Looks like JC have to bear with my emo-ness for the next 11 months. Unless, of course, he decides to pull the plug himself! :)

Well, as for now, workload is winding down. Critical points of the wedding preparation have been addressed. I guess I just need to chillax a bit for now. Perhaps a break to Melbourne next month? *wink*

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