Friday, January 8, 2010

.: Taking The Plunge :.

This is an emo post.

Skip this post if you’re here for the sunny-side of Kathlynn’s life.

I’ve been thinking alot about marriage life and all. In fact, talked to a few friends and colleagues who are married and what do they think it. And with that, at least I know I am TAKING THE PLUNGE with both eyes wide open.

Yeah, from the way I am describing it; it doesn’t seem like I have very positive views of marriage aren’t I? Truth to be told, I never look at married life equating to happily ever after. As hard as it is to maintain a relationship during courtship, I personally believe that it takes double the effort to maintain a marriage.

I believe I am not the only one struggling to be patience with her other half’s idiosyncrasies. I would say that he is too tolerating with mine. It’s not always about having the same thoughts, the same taste, the same values, etc that makes two a perfect couple.

I guess we have both agree that although we are both similar in many ways, we are complimentarily different in others. Of course, in an ideal situation, we both give and take to meet somewhere in the middle. But it’s often difficult to draw the fine line right in the middle isn’t it?

Honestly, I am beginning to have second/third/fourth/billionth doubt on whether I wanna commit and spend the rest of my life with ONE person. Of course, divorce is an option, but let’s not further complicate my already complicated-enough-for-my-liking life.

I was never really the kinda girl that dreams of her wedding day all her life. Or the girl that wants to be married, stay at home and take care of the kids. Heck, I don’t even wanna have kids and this is still my decision until today (and this, I am NOT joking).

I don’t know, after asking around married couples on how do they know that each other is THE ONE and when is the right time to settle down, they all conclude the same.

You’ll never know and there’s never a perfect, right time.

It is about make a firm decision to take a walk down the path of uncertainties, with each other.

I am already getting cold feet.

Do I really wanna do it?


HE and SHE said...

Totally agree with you! I share the same sentiment abt double the effort after marriage. Plus agreeing on the fine line in the middle, it's easier to promise when calmed but during emo break downs...haiz so hard to pull back. Sometimes u're ok, it's the S/O that's crapping...hehe..but it all still boils down to looking back and focus on the point why we're in a relationship in the first place.

And although we have our different personalities, that doesn’t mean we can’t find a way to be nice and loving to one another and still keep a handle on things. :)

My two cents worth and CONGRATS!!

Jard The Great said...

wow.. congratz..

jenkqh said...

i adore your emo-ness!!! *huggies*
relationship is nvr easy...but its not like its end of the world dear!
life is not easy either...
but with your beautiful heart...i believe all well ends well.
cold feet is a usual thing. it takes time to digest.
and tigger will always be there if pooh needs her!

i still believe you would have kids! =p *poke poke*

Kathlynn said...

he & she - thank u fr sharin :)

jard - thanks! :)

qian - im kan cheongin here. come back my tigger. n no, im NOT gonna hav kids. seriously. stop placin bets on my uterus! :)

bridgeT said...

u call that emo??? hahaha. kinda do understand what you're going thru. trust me, my final decision to make (to who/what i am today)wasn't easy for anyone for that matter. im sure you know what you're doing. everyone do get doubts when things changes, responsibilities gets tougher even to the extend when the dates gets nearer....BUT u've tons of people supporting you all the way and Him more and He'll direct your path both for you and jc (:

goingkookies said...

hi. just read ur post on this and well, it's sth good to think about BEFORE u actually take the plunge.

and i think marriage counselling would be a good step to help u guys in deciding too.

asking the same questions as u do but it seems u re planning for ur wedding already... so, all the best and i hope u get the answers u seek!

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