Tuesday, January 26, 2010

.: One Day Trip To Bukit Tinggi :.

My mini bloggin hiatus comes to an end today as I have churned out all the relevant internal and external reports in the most inhumane deadline.

It has indeed been a energy-draining working weekday week for me and even at that, I was not spared for the weekend.

Nonetheless, I had a great time with my cousins at Bukit Tinggi (which is where Tammie, Kevin & Rachel are currently residing). Tho we anticipated a more cooling environment (hence the plan to have steamboat for dinner), it was as hot, if not hotter, than it is in KL.

We headed out to Bukit Tinggi in the wee hours of the morning. Fine. it was about 9.30am when we left, but it was a bit too early for me (as explained earlier, I had a really exhausting weekday at work).

We dropped our stuff and headed straight to Bentong, which is like 30 minutes drive from Bukit Tinggi.

We had the famous beef noodles *yummies* but for RM4.80 a bowl (as expensive as it is in KL).

Ngau Lam mee

We then head on to have dessert in a infamous ice-cream shop - Kedai Kopi Kow Po.

The shop serves an array of ice cream flavours – including chocolate, pandan, vanilla, banana, peanut, coffee, strawberry, coconut and durian (too bad they didn’t have durian at the time I was there, but hey, there’s always a next time right? *wink*) We all collectively agreed that the best flavors is chocolate & banana. I heart my peanut ice cream as well. What we all love bout the ice cream is that it is not very sweet (like the ones in BR or HD) but it is absolutely rich in flavor. It cost RM2 per scoop and if you go for that with the ice-kacang condiments, it goes for RM3 per serving.

Chocolate & Pandan ice cream

On the way back via the trunk road, we stopped by a rather disappointing Hot Spring. The water ain’t exactly hot (but at least the place was clean) and it lack that sulphury-smelling-hot-spring-smell. Well, at least the flowers look decent enough for a few shoots.

Allamanda cathartica L.

Ixora coccinea

And nearby, a bridge (more snappin away picture moments *wink*)

For the more rustic feel

Two is better than one

We then headed to Tam’s crib, the guys camwhored a while, while waitin for Tam's parents to get back.

I may look macho, but I secretly love flower accessories

It's not a wonder that these two are still single!

Three people in this picture, spot them :)

At home, we took forty winks, woke up and headed on to a nearby stream.

Itsy bitsy spider

On the rocks

After playing around in the stream, we headed back home, washed up and prepared dinner – steamboat. Kevin invited his friend, Elliot over (yeah, I’m shocked too, Kevin actually have friends). Was glad to know that the food was just enough for everyone, with only lil bit leftovers. Had a great time of laughing and singing and all.

Looking forward to this coming Chinese New Year with ‘em :)

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