Friday, January 29, 2010

.: Daisy, Daisy :.

Now my dear friend Su have suggested a daisy wedding theme, and I was like - yeah, why not? I've always loved daisies anyways.

So here I am now, googlin more bout daisies and gettin more ideas from it.

Thanks Su! :)

black, red & yellow fall gerber wedding

For more, read here

Whatcha all think? Nice no? ;)


Tammie said...

u don't like candles... :(

hahaha..anyway its not bad.but the guys might not go 'awww' over this :S

nenamoesha said...

Aww.. You're very welcome, babe! Lemme know if u need help k?

bridgeT said...

oooohhh those look realllyyyyyyyy pweeettttyyyyyyyyyy (:

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