Sunday, January 10, 2010

.: The Wedding Plan Begins :.

Continuation from previous post

As much as I am having a mild anxiety attack over the wedding, I think I pretty much come to terms with the fact. Yes, I have partially (note the word partially, as I believe that there are plenty of the similar attack to take place in the near future) accept the fact that I am already ENGAGED with my almost four-years boyfriend fiancée and soon to settle down and change the surname I have carried for twenty-four years, and I can’t cringe when people call me Mrs - omgosh, I am gonna be a Mrs? *panic attack strikes again*

Ok, don’t panic, *breaths in, breaths out, breaths in, breaths out* (repeats 100x)

Ok….. I think I really need to start on the wedding plans just about now. I have a skeletal structured plan in my new 2010 diary and here are a few things I need to do to get started, in order of priority....


Ok, so my bf fiancée and I would like (and prayfully could get) *drumrolls* 1/1/11 to be our wedding date – which is most likely the registration date & the ceremony date. Accordingly, it is gonna be held on the 11th month of the Chinese calander, and tho as Christians, it doesn't really  matter to us, it plays a role for my more traditional parents. They have consulted a relative and she said that Chinese usually prefers to have wedding on an even date. But, to reassure my parents, I googled a couple of website, and two different website has mentioned that 1/1/11 is an auspicious date to get hitch. So, with that small level of comfort, my parents agrees (or so I hope their slight grunt means a yes?). Of course, we have to make sure that we can get a church (refer to point TWO) and a hotel/restaurant (refer to point THREE) on this date.


We are, one of these weekends, gonna have a look at a few shortlisted church, with one church (I shall not reveal now) on the top of our list. Once we lock in the church for the said date, our wedding dates would more or less be confirmed as well.


Well, as Chinese, one is not married in their eyes until there is a banquet to celebrate this occasion. As much as I like to have a simple dinner (of say 5 tables?), JC is most likely right to point out that my parents (and I believe his dad as well) would not be happy over such arrangement. So, for our parents sake (this is one of the few things I am willing to ‘give in’ to the wedding arrangement) we are gonna have a more elaborate wedding dinner. Venue, yet to be decided. But I am gonna let my dad take charge of this as JC & I have no particular preference AND my dad was an organizing committee Chairman for his workplace annual dinner a couple of times, so he should be more hands-on on this matter.

Ok, so with these three important points settled, then JC & I shall proceed to the next level of things.

For now, do uphold us in prayer as we make plans and decisions to our wedding.

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