Thursday, January 28, 2010

.: WIP : Wedding-In-Progress :.

As far as the progress of the wedding planning goes, I have:

1) Confirmed the wedding date – well it is set to be on the first of January twenty-eleven (1/1/11). So guys, please mark down your calendar this very special date! Don’t worry for those forgetful/lazy ones out there; I am planning to send out a virtual Save The Date invitation in a few weeks time.

2) Confirmed the church – tho the pastor does not object, our booking needs to go thru the approval of the PCC council. As for now, it’s virtually certain, unless there’s strong objection from the council members. *keep fingers crossed*

3) Confirmed and paid deposit for dinner venue – after physically going to five restaurants and enquiry to another two restaurants (all well within the week before last), we have settled with a restaurant located in PJ. Place is relatively new, and it looks ok, with an almost-hotel-like ambience. Feedback on food served by this chain of restaurants have been good so far, let’s just pray that they keep up to that standards till next year (after that, I don’t really care *evil laugh*). Also a note of thank to an ex-auditor of my ex-company, whom I have still kept in touch. His dad is an acquaintance of the owner of this restaurant chain, so as a favour, he will throw in a few lil extras FOC. Thanks YHuat! :)

4) Pre-marital course – we have picked Ps Peter Wong & wife (Aunty Susan) to be our marriage counselor. It is gonna be a 10 chapter course, covering aspects such as spiritual journey in marriage, financial planning, family planning (think we shall give this a skip since we are not planning to have kids anyways), etc.

On another note, I have been doing a bit of research online, and note to all brides-to-be, it is NEVER too early to plan for all this. Based on experience of those who have joined the got-married bandwagon, a critical point in wedding preparation is that you need to do your research, research and research. So for the next stage of the wedding preparation I need to:

1) Think of a theme – I have no idea where do I even start on this, but hope I would have a rough idea once I flip thru bridal magazines flown in with love all the way from Melbourne. Special thanks to Dinah for the magazines and Ah Ser for being the postgirl! *big huggies*

2) Pre-wedding photoshoots – given that there are easily 20 – 30 shops located in SS2 & Loke Yew itself, we are definitely spoilt for choice. But it is now a matter of choosing something that is VFM (Value For Money) and at the same time, of good service. Heard many horror stories from forums about how bad or conniving some bridal photography shops can be *shivers*. Also, looking out for the coming bridal fair, but by that time, hopefully we have something/someplace in mind and go there just to do the bargaining! Put our bargaining skills to the test :)

3) Wedding bands – again, looking for something that is VFM. Initial plan is to look for it at the Jewelry Fair in KLCC (they have it bi-annually if I am not mistaken). Hopefully can get something there for a bargain price. If not, any jewelry shop that is having mega sales or something should suffice I suppose! :)

4) Misc – As you might be aware, I am not a highly creative person, so I would really appreciate it that if you guys come across any interesting ideas or website, please feel free to contribute. Also, I am currently compiling a list of songs and am lookin for a perfect wedding march song. Again, please contribute ideas. Don’t be like my cousins who have suggested I play “Please Release Me”, “I Don’t Love You Like I Love You Yesterday”, “Darth Vader Theme Song”, etc. So totally NOT helping! :)


nenamoesha said...

Do u wanna try AndyLim as photographer? He takes really awesome pawsome photos ;)

xiao said...

As i was reading this post, i can't help but think that we are so going to the next stage of our lives.
I always knew that u gonna be the first to get married in our group shan....haha... its coming true...
i hope to help if u need anything....

One song that came to my mind that maybe u can add to ur list of songs to play is I Say a little Prayer and also From this moment by shania twain.


Kathlynn said...

Buzz, yeah I've seen his work - AMAZING! But I'm gonna get my pre-weddin shoots first, and see if the photographer for actual weddin day comes in the package. If no, I would seriously consider Andy! :)

Xiao, we are all growin up aren't we? *sniff*sniff*. Yes, I have listed Shania's song - I love that song. Touching! :)

Miss FW said...

a song to share: i wanna grow old with you by adam sandler. :)

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