Friday, January 15, 2010

.: My Valentine's Day :.

I never did have a ‘real’ valentines day celebration. As much as I like to say that the underlying reason for this is because EVERYDAY is valentines day, you guys would know I am lying.

Yes, truth to be told – I don’t wanna be spending (or actually my date spending) money on overprized food, overpriced teddys/flowers/etc. That’s just me being practical.

Valentine's day celebration for me will usually be a quiet affair; home-cooked dinner, followed by watchin DVD video later.

It has always been a quiet, just-two-of-us-celebration.

Anyways, for this year's Valentines, Nuffnang have given a chance for us to spend a day with ANY star of our pick from the cast of Valantine’s Day.

ANY one at all! Can you feel my excitement?!

If I had my pick, it would have to be Taylor Lautner.

Yes, I need not be reminded I am engaged. So let this be an engagement present to spend time with another man other than my man. *laughs* I’m cruel. So be it.

Why Taylor Lautner?

Well, isn’t it obvious?


Well, its because of this…

And this…

And this…


And how am I gonna spend the whole day with him?

Well, how bout a romantic candlelight dinner for two under the stars. With champane and romantic music playing at the background. He will get me (I will make sure of it) roses and chocolates and teddies. And we will hereon live happily ever after.....
*dreamy eyes*

Ok Nuffnang, if I don’t get to spend Valentines day with Taylor Lautner, can I at least win two tickets to watch Valentine’s Day premier in Hollywood? Pls? :)

P/s : Ok, I must confess, I have lied.

Firstly, there is NO chance of me spending any time whatsoever with any of the movie stars. This entry is just for winning two tickets to watch Valentine’s Day, not in Hollywood, but in Cathay Cineleisure (that’s my second lie). And my third lie is that I rather spend time with my man than any other man, and you know that don’t you JC? *wink*


goingkookies said...

omg!! sooo cute!

haha.. as i was deciding that i want to dine with patrick dempsey instead..

i came to ur engaged part.. haha.. same here. =)

CuppyCake93 - ElaineC said...

omg, you drroool on jacob too!
gah.. i loveee his cute look and 6/8 packs body! haha

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