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.: God Of Carnage, PJLA : A Blogger's Review :.

God Of Carnage (originally Le Dieu Du Carnage), a French play debuted in Zurich way back in 2006. It has since been adapted into English, playing at London and New York. In 2009, the play was given the Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Comedy, and won Best Play at the 2009 Tony Awards.

Strip away civility, and what you get is the human animal; or as Megat’s character Micheal puts it bluntly – Neanderthals. That’s the message behind God Of Carnage, the comedy play that will kick off the PJ Live Arts’ PJ Laugh Fest.

The cast includes Micheal (by Megat Sharizal), his wife Veronica (by Maya Tan), Annette (Lina "Kopitiam" Teoh) and her husband who’s annoyingly attached to his handphone, Alan (by Will Quah).

Teri Choong, PJ Live Arts Executive Director gave a warm welcome to the media press and a handful of lucky bloggers (like myself) who attended the press review of God Of Carnage and introduced this comedy play. She also explained that the play follows closely to the USA version, and has not adapted to Malaysian settings.

In the play, two children – Benjamin (son of Annette and Alan) and Henry (son of Veronica and Michael) – get into an argument. Benjamin hits Henry with a stick, knocking out two of Henry’s teeth.

Their parents meet to discuss this incident, and the evening begins in a amicable and civilized manner. However, it very quickly degenerates and the hope of having to resolve the situation diplomatically slowly fades. With screaming and shouting and hurling of accusations and rage, the mask that each of the character puts on slowly stripped off layer by layer.

Boys will always be boys, but can the grown up be grown up enough to resolve their differences?

We, the audiences, watched in laughter as the facade of civility shatter as the cast wreaks havoc and tosses the living room in disarray and all hell break lose in the most hilarious manner (a lil alcohol always helps heighten things up don’t they!). Parent behaving like kids (or worse than kids for that matter) [why does this sound so familiar? hehe!]

The show is intensely physical – especially the role played by Lina who running, jumping, screaming on top of her lungs and also vomiting (yes, you got me right – vomiting!). It was so intense that I had to wince in hope that Lina doesn’t fall flat on her face or have a wardrobe malfunction while doing those intense acts. She was wearing a 3 (or 3.5 inch) heel [lovely heels btw!] and a sexy black number, so the chances of it happening was quite high!

However, I must say that it was brilliantly choreographed and even at such short practice time (of three weeks we later found out during Q&A at the end of the show), the cast manage to pull it off seamlessly.

The short Q&A at the end of the show reveals that the cast only practiced the show like three weeks earlier, but I am sure they worked very hard at it nonethelesss. With such short rehearsal time, relatively fast-paced dialogues and being physically-intense (all this with no intermission for the whole 90 minutes, mind you!), I am amazed that they manage to pull it off quite brilliantly!

BRAVO indeed to the fantastic four!

Showtime Date
28th - 29th Apr : 8.30pm
30th Apr : 5pm & 8.30pm
1st May : 5pm
3rd - 6th May : 8.30pm
7th May : 5pm & 8.30pm
8th May : 5pm

Admission Price
RM30 (student/senior citizen)
20% off to those who present the printer article here.

Location : PJ Live Arts Theatre @ Jaya One

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Also do note that PJ Laugh Fest is a whole marathon of comedy plays that starts on the 28th April all the way till 5th June 2011. There are plenty of other programmes available and do note that PJ Live Art is a Non Profit organization that is best known as a catalyst for community outreach and support utilizing arts as a platform to raise funds for charities!

So head on over to PJ Life Arts and have your funny bone tickled and help contribute to charity at the same time. Win win for everyone! :)

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