Monday, April 11, 2011

.: 100 Things That Makes Me Happy (Part 7) :.

Seventh part to the ten part series

61. Colorful candies (especially gummy bears – tho I don’t like eating them, I just love to see ‘em!)

62. Fresh laundry

63. Braids!

64. Sand between your toes

65. Grocery shopping! (especially in a baking supplies shop!)

66. JC’s to do list (coz it means that he can be trained! teehee)

67. Smiley faces

68. Ice cream on warm cake! Yummers!

69. Vegetales! I-kid-you-not when I say it’s FUN!

70. Children birthday parties, coz its just too cute!

*credit of pictures given to the respective owners*

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