Thursday, April 7, 2011

.: 100 Things That Makes Me Happy (Part 6) :.

Sixth part to the ten part series

51. Highlighters (coz they are just so fun!) *highlights, highlights, highlights*

52. Banana leave rice (eaten the traditional way, i.e. with hand!) finger-licking good!

53. Lounge music (esp those played by professionals!)

54. Long weekends – to catch up on my sleep

55. Dilbert! This comic just makes me smile everytime!

56. Bells (jingle jingling a ling)

57. Singing in karaoke!

58. Meaningful quotes & poems

59. Falling in love (with the man I marry) over & over again! :)

60. Lame jokes (coz they are just so lame, they’re actually funny!)

*credit of pictures given to the respective owners*

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