Tuesday, April 12, 2011

.: Lonely No More :.

JC asked me, during one of our coupletime heart to heart talk, if I’m actually sad to come to an empty home facing the four walls everyday, given the fact that he comes home very late (or “early” in this matter) almost every other day. I laughed and told him that I prefer so, coz during the times where he comes back on a reasonable hour (read : 10pm-ish!), he kinda disrupts my plan.

I guess to a certain extend, I have grew accustom with JC’s erratic working hours. He usually comes home at 2am-ish and there are times where he reaches home at 6am (just in time for me to wake up and prepare to go to work) or even not come back as well.

There are plenty of things I could do – cooking, baking and reading is usually the top of the list. Once in a while, I will be surfing (on the net, not in the beach!) and do some routine household chores. To date – I have a list of recipes to bake – tiramisu (improved!), green tea cupcakes & cinnamon muffins, some dishes to try out – chicken with butter & salted eggs (don’t really know how to call that dish), roti jala (made some last weekend, but not to my liking!), try out nasi briayani (tho JC say not to bother with the much preparation needed) and many more stuff.

Then there are aplenty of books from the National Library which can occupy my time – tho my selections of books of late have not been that good a read.

I also have the neighbour kid who pops by once in a while to chit chat with me.

And top that with the sweeping, mopping, washing & cleaning, it pretty much fills my weekday night schedule.

So I reckon I am already comfortable with the arrangement for the time being – and can still live without a TV *surprise*surprise* for the past three months. Having said that, I miss watching my comedy series (AXN) & my cooking shows (AFC). Hence, whenever I go back to my parents’ house, all I do is slouch in front of the TV!

P/S : I got flowers from JC today. The catch is, it was a picture of a bouquet of flowers sent via email - this is all the romance I am getting after being married aren't I? Tsktsktsk!

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