Saturday, April 30, 2011

.: Castle : Attempted Invasion :.

On Thursday night, due to a series of unfortunate circumstances, I was at home when my home got broken into at 8pm.

Long story short, PTL for His protection. I choose to see that the series of unfortunate circumstances was thoroughly mitigated by His angels and I was unharmed and nothing was lost.

Made me realise that there are so much safety measures taken for granted - like emergency escape keys, emergency numbers and stuff like that.

But the TWO most important thing I learn from the incident is:

1. ALWAYS trust instinct. In such circumstances, it is better to be seen as 'paranoid' rather than to rub it off as nothing. I heard clanging of metal sounds, and immediate instinct was to switch on the alarm. Should I have ignored it and went back to sleep (Was back home early as I was feeling drowsy from the meds I took. Was suppose to head for a ACA Annual Dinner that night, but decided not too - one of the unfortunate circumstances I was referring to), things would have been a lot more different *shudders*

2. ALWAYS make friends with your neighbors. Remember the neighbour's boy that drop by once in a while to chat with me? Well, JC called him to come over to my place to check out and when he came immediately (shirtless coz he was just about to take his bath) press the doorbell (coupled with the alarm ringing), it must have scared the burglar(s) away. A few neighbors came out of the house after that making sure that I was alright. Police came almost 10 minutes after I called them.

Police reports were made, damaged properties repaired (caused a small dent in the wallet), but I am still so grateful because the circumstances could have been worst. I could have been killed. Rape (tho not sure if anyone want me? hehe) or so many unthinkable possibilities (the criminals these days are ruthless and merciless).

Do urge everyone to be a lil bit more alert & vigilant even when you're suppose to be in a safe haven like home. Do not take safety for granted.

Reading this & this made me became even more thankful of my predicament. Tho not exactly a predicament to be thankful off, it could have been much much much worst.


nenamoesha said...

So glad you're alright babe.. Hugs

Kathlynn said...

thanks babes. jus a lesson learnt i guess! make sure u take care of urself too ya! :)

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