Wednesday, April 27, 2011

.: You've Got Email! :.

Person A was suppose to email Person B who was suppose to fwd the email to Person C on certain set of instructions.

After much waiting, Person B, who recalled not receiving email from Person A, send a gentle reminder to the latter to do so. Person A replied that the email was sent earlier (and re-fwd the earlier sent email). After a quick check, Person B realized that not only has Person A sent it, but that it was also on-fwd to Person C already for further action. Upon sending a reminder to Person C on said set of instructions in the said email, Person C claims that such email was not received and asked to re-fwd it.

And worse of it all, Person D i.e. ME was CC-ed in this whole chain of email. Had a good laugh with Person B over the matter!

How blur we all can be when we are busy at work! :)

P/s: To make matters even worse, Person B’s & Person D’s BIG BOSS walked in when the end of the conversation took place, where both of them were laughing out loud uncontrollably. BIG BOSS must have thought that the two are too free!


Sharlene said...

reminded me when 3 of us were mass emailing each other happily for days and it was sort of CC-ed to mua's boss.....haha how scary was that...

goingkookies said...

wahaha.. those were the days where my colleagues and I also cc-ed emails to each other.. with lots of laughter too

Kathlynn said...

haha. the cc's & the bcc's! :) sometimes im worried that i sent to the wrong party! so i always double/triple check to make sure it doesnt happen! :)

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