Wednesday, April 6, 2011

.: Kath's Day Out :.

Yesterday, JC & I took time off work to settle some miscellaneous stuff for Project Wallaby in the morning.

We dropped by St Mary to drop off some (long overdue) gifts as a token of appreciation to the admin staff (Anthony) and the Dean for their contribution to our wedding. On a sad note, we found out that the father of the bride who shared the wedding on the same day as us (the father had to call us to nego with us coz he assumed that the church was available until the last minute, somewhere in Sept, where he found out that we have already booked it months before), had passed away recently. Tho we only had two short meetings, I couldn’t help but feel sad for his family on new year’s day, they celebrated a happy occasion and then a few months later, of this man’s funeral. But that is life isn’t it? We born, we live, we die.

Anyways, the dealing with the Aus Embassy went smoothly and we then had a catch-up lunch with our Pakistani best man in KLCC food court, followed by a final briefing with the migration agent at Menara Standard Chartered (riding the lift still scared the living daylights out of me!).

We then dropped by at Pavilion to have our Fish Spa (thanks to SuperDeals – we got 50% off). It was a new experience for the both of us. Kinda ticklish and I was squirming like a lil girl (wait – I am a lil girl! Teehee) while two tourists who were sitting nearby were laughing at me!

After the whole spa was over, we dropped by SGChurch to again to pass some gifts to the pastor as well as our marriage counselor.

Since there was time left, we headed on to Sunway Pyramid to catch a movie. And, as usual, JC picked a chick-flick (he just enjoys then, and who am I to object right?) Just Go With It. It was not bad actually, staring Jennifer Aniston & Adam Sandler. Had a lot of laughters (well, its Adam Sandler, what would you expect?) Had Ireland Potatoes (with pickled mayo sauce) before the movie start (lotsa carbs, I know!)

After the movie we went to have our dinner at Teppanyaki (which was delish!) and then went straight home after. Did a lil bit of household chores and went straight to bed after.

I was a long day, but I enjoy spending it with my husband! :)

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H Rija said...

SOund like an amazing day! And thanks for the movie review!

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