Saturday, April 23, 2011

.: Donate By Bidding :.

I have made my small contribution, but then again, every single sen counts. Have you made yours?

Compelled by the anguish and horror faced by the Japanese people recently after they were hit by a 8.9 earthquake and tsunami, Aegis Media Malaysia Sdn Bhd is attempting to do the impossible or so it seems; raise RM1 million for the Japan relief efforts through a unique platform i.e. online bidding weLovejapan.

Aegis Media has joined forces with online portal "I LOVE LABELS" whereby Malaysians over the age of 18 years are able to donate by way of buying bids online. Once registered, members will have the opportunity to bid for an item of their choice and in return donate the monies to the Japan relief fund.

 Auctions start from 22 April 2011.

How to Participate

Register an account.
It's FREE!
Donate and receive bids, it is secure and EASY.
Place a bid on an item
you LIKE.
If nobody else bids for the item within the timer, you WIN!

 To find out more - click here!

Pst, items includes Nokia N8, MTV VIP World Stage Passes, autographed jerseys, etc

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